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Hello there! My name is Molly Kessler. I am a graduate of Marymount Manhattan College in NYC. I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications/Creative Media and aspire to one day be a television producer. I just want to welcome you to my site, give you a little info on me, and what you can expect to see here when you pop by next!

I am an avid social media user. Since the dawn of Facebook’s popularity (and me being old enough to use it) I have been posting status updates (some with a little too much information), sharing photos, interesting articles, and of course connecting with friends. In my case friends around the world thanks to my 2013 study abroad program! I’ve been tweeting since ’09 and joined Instagram before it was the cool thing to do. I have a hipster looking bowl of mac and cheese on there from 2010 to prove it! LinkedIn has become one of my new best friends as well and I think that pretty much covers it!

I recently had the opportunity to have Jimmy Fallon as my boss! HOW COOL IS THAT! I got to work as a production intern for five months on Late Night and worked from the beginning on what is now the fabulous Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon! There I got to make life long connections with not only my incredibly talented group of interns, but with producers, stage managers, and all of the brilliant people who make that show possible 5 nights a week at 11:35pm(EST) on NBC! (Watch it if you aren’t already!) I learned more than I would have sitting in a classroom and gained a lot of hands on experience. The internship not only helped me figure out my career path, but showed me that choosing communications as my major was the right way to go after all. (I wanted to act, but we don’t need to go there right now!)

When I’m not glued to my phone or computer I am either in the kitchen or binging Gilmore Girls on Netflix while drinking a very large cup of coffee and bundled up with a new knitting project! My friends and family have come to expect food pictures on their news feeds at least twice a week. (It is usually more and I have no shame at all!) On my days off from selling merchandise on Broadway, I love to bake and try out new dinners. You can always tell when I’m home because the house smells like muffins or cookies when you walk in the door! Being home from college and having a stocked fridge gives me the advantage of making outrageous meals and different concoctions that my small apartment in NYC didn’t really grant me. (and my mom doesn’t mind coming home to dinner already done either!) I love to take apart recipes and make them healthier, finding alternative ingredients and different techniques to make the next batch even better! In the coming year I am hoping to get my act together and finally make that cookbook that I’ve been talking about for years!

That’s me. The basic outline at least! With the holidays coming up I know work is going to get a little crazy, but I hope to be on here updating and sharing as much as possible! Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you back soon!




What you can expect to see me posting:

  • Movie/TV Reviews
  • Photographs
  • Video Projects
  • Recipes (and updates on a cookbook!)
  • Personal/Career updates