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Hey everyone!!

It’s been a while and I finally have some time off to send out a little update on life!

I’ve been working (what feels like) non-stop for the past two months over at the new Broadway show Honeymoon In Vegas! I am one of the merchandise managers over there! It has been a thrill to watch the show transform over the past two months of previews! We are finally open and thrilled with the reviews! Take a look at what Ben Brantley of the New York Times had to say, http://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/16/theater/honeymoon-in-vegas-with-tony-danza-opens-on-broadway.html 

Other than that I’ve been keeping up with the knitting. My friend from England sent over this awesome link to a video which teaches you how to knit using your arms and hands as the needles! I picked it up last night and I am OBSESSED!! You can teach yourself here, (http://creativity.viralnova.com/arm-knitting-scarf/) it’s so much fun!

I haven’t been doing a lot of cooking or baking as of late. Not enough hours in the day to do it all, but I did put together a binder of all of my recipes. Slowly but surely the cookbook is coming together!

Thats all I’ve got for now! Hope you are all fabulous! Until we meet again!