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Hello Everyone!

The sun is back! Can you believe it!? I never thought I would see the grass in my front yard again. But its back, bright green, and thriving in the beautiful weather we have been having!

Just a few quick updates for everyone:

One of my dear friends that I met during my internship at The Tonight Show called me up to ask if I could be an art director for an NYU thesis film she was producing. The piece is called Younger (written and directed by Jameson Rich) and it is such a beautiful story. I’ll post the link when the piece is in its final state! I was so happy that I got to accept the offer and spend a few days on set helping out with the art department as well as do a photo shoot on set both days. (I’ll post a few of those pictures once I get them!) It was such a great feeling to be back on a set and surrounded by people all working toward the same goal.

I’ve been doing my theater rounds as well and have some exciting Tony nominated (soon to be winners I’m sure) shows coming up! I did see An American in Paris and just wanted to say BUY YOUR TICKETS RIGHT NOW!! What a beautifully choreographed show. The talent on stage at the Palace Theater is insane. It should literally be illegal to have that many talented people in one room! Everything from the lighting design to the sets and the orchestrations are just incredible. The show is worthy of every single nomination they got, and I truly hope they sweep the Tony’s this coming Sunday!

In film news I just watched a great documentary about YouTubers! It’s called Please Subscribe by Dan Dobi. As a YouTube fanatic and dedicated user since 2005 (has it really been 10 years already!?) it was a lot of fun for me to get to hear how a lot of these well known YouTubers got their start. It is definitely worth the watch, and is on Netflix (super convenient!) I also recently watched Beyond Clueless by Charlie Lyne. The documentary chronicles favorite teen dramas from the 80’s through the present day. It goes through what makes them work and why we end up loving these cult classics such as Pretty in Pink and Clueless. If you love these kinds of movies, this documentary is worth a watch!

I am working on an experimental video of my own right now! I downloaded Adobe Premier and have 30 days to learn it/complete the film before my trial expires. I love a challenge so BRING IT ON!! It’s called Morning Light. It all sort of came to me when I was leaving for work early one morning and I passed my brothers room. I looked in for a second and the light and shadows from the tree outside his window were so beautifully bouncing on his blinds that I dropped everything and took out my phone and started filming. As cliche as it sounds, to quote Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” And if something hadn’t willed me to stop and look in his room I would have missed that gorgeous moment. So it got me thinking about the morning and those special moments when you first open your eyes and you’re squinting at the small beams of light bursting through your window. Or when you get in your car and the morning dew is dripping slowly off of your windshield. So I’m making a film. I hope to have it done by the end of next week, but we will see how busy next weeks schedule is! I’ll post it here when its finished!

I’ve got pictures on the way from a craft fair I went to with my parents a few months ago, and a few from Mothers Day/my Mom’s birthday celebration!

Keep perusing your passions and enjoy the delightful weather on the way!



Side Note: I haven’t forgotten about the cookbook! I’m still in the stages of compiling my recipes into a binder and picking the ones I really think are worth a share! Hope to have a hard copy by the end of this year! It’s a work in progress!